Hi, my name is Peter Catlos and photography is my passion. My main goal is to capture unique moments, situations and encounters and interpret them in my own artistic style. I always carry my camera with me – no matter if “just” taking a stroll through town or when doing a travel documentary in an Istanbul slum. People and their stories fascinate me.

Your wedding day is one of those unrepeatable stories, which should be captured in picture and retold over and over. For me to photograph a wedding has a bigger meaning than a few poses in a park. I want to tell the whole story and be a second pair of eyes on your special day. I accompany you, the bride and groom, the whole day but all the while try to be as unobtrusive as possible. I am just like an other “guest” on YOUR big day. Of course i am open to any of your wishes and preferences.

If you would like me to keep hold of your wedding day in a special, photojournalistic way please do not hesitate to contact me today and get further information.

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