Over the last couple of months I felt strongly inspired to do “a day in the life” kind of documentary project. As I was thinking of whom I could ask to be part of it, my friend Javier Moreno came to my mind.

Javier (or Javi as everybody calls him) is a nationally and internationally known DJ based in Berne area, working in some of the most prestigious clubs in Switzerland as well as for the local radio station Canal3. We met for a beer and after I explained him my idea, he instantly got enthusiastic about it. I had the privilege to document his day (and night) in a life couple of weeks ago. I met Javi, his girlfriend Linda and his brother Daniel on an overcast Saturday morning and after spending some time with them in their home we drove to the grocery store to buy something for lunch. Than it was time to walk his dog Lola, an old english bulldog that really liked to be photographed. 🙂 Later in the afternoon we went to Biel to set up the radio broadcast in the 2uo Club, where Javi was deejaying that night. After taking a short break at Javi’s home and selecting some last tracks for the evening we came back to Biel and the party got started. Thanks Javi for being a part of this project!

For photographers: I was using exclusively Fujifilm cameras for this project. Wide angle: Fujifilm X100S with Wide Conversion Lens-WCL (28mm equiv.) Portrait: Fujifilm X-T1 + Fujinon XF 35mm f1.4 Flash: Nissin i40

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059_Javi_ASE7 060_Javi_ASE7 061_Javi_ASE7 062_Javi_ASE7 065_Javi_ASE7 066_Javi_ASE7 069_Javi_ASE7 072_Javi_ASE7 073_Javi_ASE7 075_Javi_ASE7


078_Javi_ASE7 079_Javi_ASE7 080_Javi_ASE7 081_Javi_ASE7 083_Javi_ASE7 084_Javi_ASE7 085_Javi_ASE7 086_Javi_ASE7 087_Javi_ASE7

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